Christmas tree


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Christmas tree

The scent of Christmas is a symphony of scents,
The aroma of fresh pine and evergreen branches evokes the tradition of decoration.The air is filled with cinnamon and spices mixed with various fruits.The fruity aroma brings a burst of freshness to the festive atmosphere.Rich, comforting scents of vanilla and baked goods get that dopamine rush going. Evoke feelings of nostalgia and indulgence.The mysterious aromas of frankincense and myrrh both add depth and complexity to the festive atmosphere.These scents combine to create a sensory tapestry that heralds the arrival of Christmas, filled with warmth, joy and the unmistakable magic of the season.

  • Top note:Eucalyptus
  • Heart note: Woody
  • Base notes: Cedar Ambergris

Late Summer, Pine Wind, Christmas Tree, Unspoken Joy


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